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  1. pojaya
    pojaya at |

    I believe all the gorgeous food sections are in the basements of the department stores, and only proper restaurants are on the top floors.

  2. Seth
    Seth at |

    Good to know that I need to head to the basement for the good stuff, though after trying the udon shop I’m not so sure I’d ever really need to try a different option. The beef + raw egg udon really was phenomenal.

  3. jpatokal
    jpatokal at |

    I’m quite impressed by the way you divided your travel budget =)

    To translate that udon sign for you, it’s a shop called “Manmaru Udon” (“perfectly round”, like the mascot’s head), and the captions say:

    On a cold day, eat udon so hot you have to blow “fuu fuu” on it!

    On a hot day, eat udon so cold it does “churutto”!

    On a hungry day, eat lots of omusubi (onigiri) and sushi!