Starwood to give free Internet to Platinum Elites

Starwood has announced this morning that they are making a significant improvement in the benefits for their top-tier elites: free in-room internet access worldwide at Starwood hotels.  Complimentary internet will be given only in the room that the Platinum elite guest is in should they have multiple rooms on one reservation and any charges incurred will be removed on check-out making it a quick and easy way to implement such a scheme. This is a quite nice benefit for those who stay enough to make that elite level, though still not enough to sway me in my theory that hotel elite status is not particularly valuable.  After all, I generally stay at properties that already have free internet for everyone anyways or just tether to my BlackBerry and get the connections with no real additional costs.

More details on the promo can be found here and discussion of the promo on FlyerTalk here.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Certainly not enough of an incentive to aim for SPG Plat. Since I pay for virtually all my travel out of my own pocket *and* have limited vacation, there is just not enough time (or money) available.

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