Mileage run plane spotting in Milwaukee

In addition to a phenomenal grilled cheese sandwich at the little kiosk at the T of the Midwest terminal in Milwaukee, there are some great views of the runways. During my 3ish hour layover I mostly just sat there watching the planes come and go. In addition to a whole bunch of Embraer ERJs and E-Jets there were a few 737s to be seen. There were also a C-130 and a KC-135 tanker from the Air Force and Air National Guard base that the airport shares a runway with. A bit of glare from the sun on the windows, but overall a great plane spotting opportunity from inside the terminal.

IMGP0484 IMGP0493 IMGP0500 IMGP0508

After getting my fill of plane spotting it was over to the gate to wait for the minor delay (only an hour) and then to hop on my flight over to Minneapolis. The flight was thoroughly uneventful and I had an empty seat next to me, so plenty of room. And they had enough cookies to serve a full plane so the flight attendant was pimping out the extras to anyone willing to listen. I may have had more than one.


A short flight over to Minneapolis and then some top-notch views of the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Into downtown on the light rail and met up with a friend for dinner at The Local. I even managed to score an elite upgrade at the Westin on an ineligible rate.


Good times all around, and a solid start to the week-long adventure.

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