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  1. mechteach
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    This is a really excellent point, which so few companies seem to understand. As an example, a few years ago when United priced business class from CA to NZ for $1400, I jumped on the deal. I had been a loyal USAir customer up to that point. However, my experience on that trip, plus my general feeling of dissatisfaction with USAir, caused me to switch my loyalty and a good chunk of my flying over to United. Since that time, I’ve flown close to 300,000 miles on United, and I’ve also switched most of my husband’s and children’s travel to United as well, for probably another 200,000 miles of United flights. I’m sure the extra revenue from those flights has more than made up for whatever “loss” United could quantify from the cheap seats.

  2. bk3day
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    Same here!

    It was that CA to NZ bargain fare that introduced me to United Airlines.

    Before then, I had never stepped foot on a United Airlines plane.

    Since then I have flown well over 250,000 miles exclusively on United Airlines.

    Hopefully, BA and other companies will see the longterm benefit from doing the right thing towards customers and and stop their shortsighted short term, penny wise-pound foolish policies.

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