Landing slots reassigned at Toronto’s City Centre airport

The Toronto Port Authority has come up with a new allocation of landing slots at the City Centre airport. While the airport currently only sees service from Porter Air, Air Canada and Continental have expressed interest in operations at the facility and both will get their wish should the allocations hold.

Air Canada was allotted 30 slots at the airport and Continental received 16. Porter Air received 44. The two new entrants will need to negotiate with the Port Authority for gate and terminal space and other formal details prior to starting operations at the field. Additionally, Porter Air is likely to protest the assignments, having already noted in one response that historic usage should present them with 112 slots, more than the three now assignments combined. Considering that Porter Air uses the airport as a hub and serves several destinations, the 44 daily slots is quite unlikely to be sufficient for their needs.

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Seth Miller

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  1. It is also important to look at the history at the City Centre airport, and the fact that Porter in effect owns the terminal and all resources at the airport… Negotiations might be tough for AC!

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