Another crazy AYCJ week itinerary

Unlimited flight access can be a dangerous thing. Even with (or perhaps because of) the somewhat quirky schedules and routing options JetBlue offers, it looks like I’ll be able to do a reasonable amount of damage (likely mostly to myself) during my month of flying. I managed to put the finishing touches on a doozie of a travel week last night. And the best part is that I’m actually going to be stopping in a few of the places in addition to simply flying a ton.


Starting on a Sunday afternoon, I’ll be flying to San Jose, California, mostly because I’ve never been to that airport, via Boston. I get back to New York on Monday morning and will immediately fly out to Dulles and then on to Long Beach and then up to Portland, Oregon. I actually overnight in Portland – 14 hours should be plenty of time for dinner and a good night’s sleep – before catching a ride on Amtrak’s Cascades train on Tuesday morning. Tuesday night is Seattle – Long Beach – Ft. Lauderdale arriving in Florida in the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

mapThe second half of the week will include my island adventure for the AYCJ month. I’ll head first to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic for 36 hours from Ft. Lauderdale. I actually am taking a better timed, more direct route rather than flying to get some completely awesome lines on the map. I’d like to think of it as maturity but I’m pretty sure that cannot really be there. So I overnight in the DR and then from Santo Domingo I head 432 miles east to St. Maarten. Of course, I’m flying via JFK for a total distance traveled of 3230 miles. I’ll even potentially get a couple hours at home and to sleep in my own bed before heading back out to JFK for the 10:20am flight to the plane-spotting mecca. I’ll sit on the beach all day and watch the planes come and go before hopefully heading over to the French side for some decent food and nightlife (assuming I’m at all coherent at that point) and then back to the beach and the airport in the morning before heading back up to JFK.

All in, that’s 17,851 miles flown in a seven day span. Somewhat miraculously, I’m going to do it while only spending two of the seven nights on red-eye flights. I’ll get to spend time in the Pacific Northwest (and maybe even get a business meeting in there) and two Caribbean destinations. I’ll even be home in time for a (rather late) dinner in NYC on Saturday.

Not a bad travel week at all.

Maps courtesy of the Great Circle Mapper

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