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  1. Matthew
    Matthew at |

    Talk about an adventure.

    Ah, the joys of traveling in Africa.

  2. Tommy777
    Tommy777 at |

    I told you….. Get your ass back to safety asap!!

  3. bernard pollack
    bernard pollack at |

    I didn’t realize you were in Lome. My partner Danielle and I are here staying at Hotel Bellvue (www.NourishingthePlanet.org). I’ve been a reader of your for a long time and would love to grab a drink if you have some time (my email is bernardpollack@yahoo.com). Best, Bernie

  4. bernard pollack
    bernard pollack at |

    No worries Seth! Safe travels, sorry you had such a rough experience here…

  5. mom
    mom at |

    Glad tomorrow is coming soon! and you are ok!

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  7. Daisy
    Daisy at |

    Well,I’m planning a business trip to Lome. However,after I read your blog, your experience shocked me. God bless me, hope everything will be fine.

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