Delta to add an upgraded economy section on some aircraft

Details are a bit sketchy right now as there isn’t a lot of public information about the change, but there are multiple reports that Delta’s company intranet is offering up information about a new Y+ section on the carrier’s international fleet. There are many different ways that the cabin could be offered, ranging from the United Airlines/JetBlue version of just extra legroom up to the legroom/seat width/catering upgrades that carriers like SkyTeam partner Air France offer. Initial indications suggest that the new product will only be increased pitch, but it is not yet certain.

There are many other questions still to be answered beyond the above uncertainty about which type of premium economy product the new cabin configuration will represent. Most notable for frequent flyers is the question about upgrades. Will getting a seat in that section require an upgrade instrument for all passengers? Just non-elites? Is Coach to BusinessElite now considers a two cabin upgrade? What about earning points in the new section of the cabin? Will they earn at a premium rate commensurate with the higher cost of the seat or just the regular economy rate? And will the regular economy section become even tighter as a result of the new product?

Lots of questions but still some mostly positive news in the world of airline passenger comfort.

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