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  1. Benjamin Price
    Benjamin Price at |

    Sounds like a chargeback to your american express card is in order… at least that is how. I would handle it if they wont.

  2. Andy
    Andy at |

    Agree on the chargeback approach. LAN extorted me in a similar fashion on some baggage fees last year, and a chargeback notice from Citibank got the money refunded quickly.

  3. ptahcha
    ptahcha at |

    Besides the chargeback, you can also sue them in small claim court.

  4. Dan
    Dan at |

    You can tell the folks at SAA that this flyer (and other readers) won’t be flying SAA. They can shove it up their you know whats.

  5. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    Small claims court is the route I’d take. More blog fodder 🙂

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