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  1. Despina
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    Your experience summarizes why we travel on LH to Europe in C rather than UA, even though LH has those horrible slopey beds and the IFE isn’t up to UA’s standards. I hate the service on UA, and all their talk of being there “primarily for [our] safety.” LH service rocks. The FA’s are welcoming, engaging, and seem to genuinely care about each passenger’s experience.

  2. Copa
    Copa at |

    Wait, I’m confused. LH Biz class FA’s that don’t look down their nose at you if you don’t engage them in German and are pleasant to deal with?

  3. mountie
    mountie at |

    CO has some good days and some not-so-good days, even in Biz/First. I prefer LH service, typical German ‘heartless efficiency’and that’s about all I expect our of flying Biz…..any additional service or perks is a bonus.

    I am trying to burn up as may OnePass miles as possible before the roll-over into UA!

  4. JetAway
    JetAway at |

    What’s with the unpeeled (and presumably unwashed) banana lying atop the cereal?

  5. cedarglen
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    Hmm. An obviously Not So Good experience on Continental AL. For the service part, I suspect that you just got a bad FA crew, having a bad day. No excuse for that, but it does happen. As for the less than stellar food, you should probably write a polite letter to them on the subject, including pix as appropriate. Bad food in Business/First is simply Bad Business and they need to hear about it. I KNOW that they can do better, even with Salmon. Recall a front cabin flight some years ago, LAX-DEN (where I got bumped) with a salmon entree. I complimented the FA on the great fish and, to my surprise, she brought me another serving! The point is that they CAN do it right – if they want to. Lastly, you have more than enough butt-in-seat miles to know that the service and food is universally better on foreign carriers. Unless you are stuck on a US flag carrier for other reason, using the code-share partners or alliance partners is almost always a better choice. WIth but a 30% pax load in the Business/First cabin, there is no excuse for the lapses that you experienced. Somebody (other than you) was having a bad hair day, I guess. I enjoy your posts, thanks. -Craig

  6. Despina
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    @Copa, we don’t speak any German, but we are friendly and polite to FA’s (on all airlines we fly). While we find service at German airports to be “efficient” I find “heartless” to be a stretch, as described by @mountie, though not far off. On LH we do find that the service is excellent though. Not just efficient, but also warm and welcoming.