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  1. Brian
    Brian at |

    Congrats on the booking!

  2. MKM
    MKM at |

    Congrats indeed! I remember all the excitement during the SQ A380 inaugural flight in 2007 getting to me so much so that I ended up taking the plunge and buying some seats.

    Unfortunately, my visa for Australia didn’t come in time…

    Now reading this post again, I’m sorely tempted to try my hand at another inaugural flight.

  3. NYBanker
    NYBanker at |

    Congratulations. I look forward to some real-time tweeting…

  4. FriendlySkies
    FriendlySkies at |

    Looking forward to the photos! Any idea on the winter schedule of the A380? I’ve got an ANA award ticket from HGK-PEK-HND (waiting for the non-stop), and would love a chance to fly on the 787. When I checked on seats for the PEK-HND segment this evening, it told me the aircraft is scheduled to be changed, but did not say which one it would change to..

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    […] case anyone cares, the end result was that I found the M inventory necessary on the 787 flight and got the Japan Pass ticket issued. Only $264 for a ticket showing a list price of $800. Not a bad deal at all. […]

  6. flyertalker
    flyertalker at |

    50,000 yen taxes?

  7. flyertalker
    flyertalker at |

    Consumption tax is 5% not 50% = 500 yen.

  8. abcx
    abcx at |

    Why the hell is a 400 mi flight $800? That’s ridiculous – that’s like SFO-LAX.

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    […] me is that ANA has the aircraft now. I just hope the reliability issues are not such that I miss my opportunity to fly on it in a few weeks during the first week of scheduled […]

  10. Martin J Cowling
    Martin J Cowling at |

    well done! I have been trying to work out how to get on the 787. I was trying for earlier. cross fingers no aircraft subs

  11. Brian B
    Brian B at |

    @abcx: It is only 800$ if you book on a foreign based website—they tend to price out as full Y. Booking directly on ana.co.jp generally lowers the cost dramatically.

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    […] I booked mine recently via UA who is also the carrier I'm flying out of Japan on and who issued my intercontinental ticket. when I submitted the request online to Lufty they responded back that I should use the carrier I was flying in or out of Japan on. The folks at UA needed some prompting to figure out how to do it but eventually got it booked. You need to find M inventory on the NH flights (you can search for it here) and then just tell the agent what you need. It took them a couple days to confirm the pricing and finalize the reservation and then I was able to call back in and have the ticket issued. __________________ Wandering Aramean | Twitter | Lounge Guide | Travel Tools | World Heritage Sites Mo' fun in Mauritius | Morocco 2010/Photos | Northern Lights/YZF 2010 | Trip Reports […]

  13. Kerwin
    Kerwin at |

    Yeah, I was shocked at the price of the flights on that market as well. I guess they are heavily traveled and only the two carriers serve it. Glad you were able to get it down to something reasonable.

    Hiroshima is a very cool city and you’ll have a great time tooling around. They are very haute couture so its really nice.

    Awaiting pics :-). I’m always excited about the 787; been watching its “birth” for years now :-)… More than likely I’ll fly it if I win one of those tickets the Japanese govt. is giving away :-)…

  14. Kerwin
    Kerwin at |

    Oh, I was checking the fares on ana.co.jp @Brian and it fared at $787, coincidental? :-).

  15. Kerwin
    Kerwin at |

    So I spoke with a few passengers on the flight (NH651/2NOV and NH654/2NOV) and one bought a 26,000 YEN flight and the other a 40,000 YEN flight.

    Apparently what ANA did was to offer a round trip 787 flight plus an overnight hotel stay in their hotel :). It was offered about a month or two ago I’m told. One guy I met was returning on my NH654 flight having flown on NH651 on 1 Nov. and the other was on NH651 on 2Nov as his first leg and was returning the next day on NH654.