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  1. deltaGOLDflyer
    deltaGOLDflyer at |

    2 Things. I hope you first went online and selected the airline as the one you wanted for this year or you get NO credit for you 🙁

    Next, why not just buy yourself gift cards? I got 2 – $100 SouthWest e-gift cards for myself and got the GOES $100 credit as well. Plus 150k MR points (long story). Not bad for $250 fee for the year (started with gold-fee free then upgrade to plat so fee for 6 months 1/2 price)!

  2. Matt
    Matt at |

    This is awesome.

  3. Jimgotkp
    Jimgotkp at |

    Darn. I wish I was on that flight! 😛

  4. downhillcrasher
    downhillcrasher at |

    very awesome!

  5. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth at |

    That. Is. Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  6. NYBanker
    NYBanker at |

    Hey – Great idea. I may do this on a flight, too…as I’ll never use my $200 credit. Though, those gift cards are also a very good idea.

    Did you already make your carrier election with Amex? They advised me to make it a few days prior to my flight to make sure it was in the system when the charges hit.

    If you haven’t made the election, do so today. If the charges post before their system process it, I’m sure you could get Amex to make a one-time adjustment, if you ask nicely.

  7. Tee
    Tee at |

    Great idea! How come they didn’t just make an announcement to that effect? Sounds like it would’ve been easier on everyone involved. Just wondering . . .

  8. Cruisr
    Cruisr at |

    Seth you are awesome. Great story.

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  11. mrpickles
    mrpickles at |

    I designated AA and got 4 x $50 e gift cards last Dec and repeated it the first week of January for a total of $400. All of it was credited by Amex. AA allows up to 8 gift cards per online transaction so they can be used on flight purchase.

    While drinks are a nice gester I think it is a waste of financial resources that can be put to better use earning more redeamable miles.

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