Peek at possible new features for JetBlue’s TrueBlue program

JetBlue has made no secret of their intentions to offer some sort of elite status (though they are very careful to avoid the word "elite") as part of their TrueBlue program. It has not materialized yet, but all indications are that the development process is well underway. But what about some other features that the program could add?

They’re taking that question to their members directly as part of an email/survey campaign to see which other features of a loyalty program will make their members happy. There are four choices in the list right now:


I could easily be happy with all four coming to fruition; there’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of them. That said, I chose to limit my votes to provide prioritization to the bits that I think are more valuable.

Which would you choose?

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Seth Miller

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  1. I would have included the family points pooling. I have never flown B6 and don’t expect that to change much, but would consider them if they are a good fit for a given trip. Since I don’t expect to earn enough miles/points on my own to reach a useful level, being able to combine my points with my wife’s would double the appeal.

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