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  1. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    Should have tried to take a picture of the clipboard since it didn’t really matter 😉

  2. PanAm
    PanAm at |

    Come on didn’t you know that clipboards are authorized information protection devices!? Even Superman wouldn’t have been able to read the document with his x-ray vision! 🙂

  3. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    A night in TSA jail beats any wedding party 😉

  4. Gabe
    Gabe at |

    I just went through the Air Canada security area in BOS and the “SSI” Random Inspection schedule (grouped by hour of day) was sitting on top of the tunnel covering the exit conveyor of the bag xray.

    It was not on a a clipboard,and was facing out towards all passengers to read. I’m thinking SMRT here.