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  1. Darren
    Darren at |

    Love that departure board. Looks like they boarded through front & rear doors?

  2. oliver2002
    oliver2002 at |

    You didn’t have to get the olci bp stamped and signed at checkin? 🙂 not to forget the secondary check by 9W security just before boarding… 😀

  3. AJ
    AJ at |

    @Darren, yes, most airports in India still use remote boarding and hence they can board via 1L and 4L both.

    @Oliver2002, Secondary check is only done when there is a security threat notified and airports are put on high alert.

  4. Antony
    Antony at |

    I was at MAA last August, flying MAA-COK on Air India and saw these exact same things. The beauty is everything seems to work at the end of the day, inspite of the apparent ‘controlled chaos’ to the visitors. You will find that COK is much more orderly. Enjoy your visit!