Emirates launches in-flight WiFi on A380s

Emirates has announced the activation of the OnAir in-flight internet service on their Airbus A380 fleet. The service, available today on 11 of 19 and installed from the factory on new deliveries starting in mid-2012, will allow for WiFi data service as well as GSM voice and data services for mobile phones.

The price-point for the service ranges from ~$7.50-$15, depending on the device type and amount of data consumed. They expect that the plans will more than meet the needs of their users based on testing they have performed over the past several months. The prices are lower than what Lufthansa charges for their services across the Atlantic so that should help with customer adoption.

Hopefully the A380 I’m flying in January is one of the 11 with the service active. I’d love to give it a try at that price point.

More from Emirates on the announcement here.

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Seth Miller

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    1. Agreed that the prices are incredibly competitive. That said, I haven’t yet seen if they include bandwidth caps or not. That might skew things. I hope to find out in January.

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