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  1. Scottrick
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    Someone has to take risks. At least you’re asking the right questions.

  2. aadvantagegeek
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    I’d love to see some competition on the DFW – LGA route. Virgin America has done pretty well with their SFO – DFW and SFO – LAX service, so DFW isn’t impenetrable.

    The Dallas Morning News had an interview with Virgin America CEO David Cush. Here’s a portion of that interview.

    In the second quarter, the carrier captured about 31 percent of the D/FW-San Francisco market. In the larger D/FW-Los Angeles market, Virgin America took about 22 percent.

    Q) What cities do you see Virgin America serving from D/FW in the future?

    A) “On the flip side, I flew here from New York. I bought a ticket on American Airlines from LaGuardia, and it was $1,100. It was a nice flight, but it was still $1,100. So perhaps there are other opportunities out of here, but right now, I think we’re focused on San Francisco and Los Angeles.”

    The full interview is protected by a paywall, but you can still access it by Googling the headline: Virgin America stakes claim in Dallas-Fort Worth market

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  4. D. Ass
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    AUS is outside the perimeter for both LGA and DCA.

  5. D. Ass
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    and why the hell would they connect people when they offer nonstops. tcon is a cesspit anyway

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