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  1. Angelina
    Angelina at |

    Looks like an awesome flight! I’ll be having my first first class flight experience with Cathay Pacific in March – JFK – Hong Kong. Thanks for posting and sharing pics!

  2. Kerwin
    Kerwin at |

    How does one complain about Emirates? :-). Alas, all I have is a video of the Suites at a conference and a flight in Economy class on the A380 as well as the 773 – LOL.

    Its way cool to have a shower at 35,000′!

    A bottle or 2 of Dom in 7.5 hours, geeez dude :-).

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Julian
    Julian at |

    Did you get that with miles or did you pay full price?

  4. Gary
    Gary at |

    How did you book? EK/JL miles? Paid deal ex-CMB?

  5. Lark
    Lark at |

    OK, you were on the flight with your wife.

    With suites. With an on board shower room…

    Did you?

  6. Karim W
    Karim W at |

    If you used miles, how many and which airline?

  7. Scottrick
    Scottrick at |

    Looks awesome. I hope to fly LH F later this year for the first time, so hopefully it’s at least somewhat comparable. BTW, you had rum but what was the 21-year-old scotch? Lagavulin? Glenmorangie?

  8. Julian
    Julian at |

    I recently flew LH muc-ord on a A340 in their new product. Much better than the old, with big screens, a screen at your seat that can be raised for privacy, etc. I will write a trip report whenever I have a bit of time.

  9. aadvantagegeek
    aadvantagegeek at |

    Wow. Great photos. I think they would have had to forcibly remove me from the suite.

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  11. Million Mile Secrets
    Million Mile Secrets at |

    Great pics! I’m with aadvantagegeek on this – you’d have to drag me out.

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