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  1. Aleks
    Aleks at |

    Are you skipping Sarajevo? Very pedestrian-friendly, cafes open till all kinds of wee hours and a beautiful old city.

  2. The Man of a Thousand Places
    The Man of a Thousand Places at |

    Beautiful pics, Seth!

    What kind of equipment are you shooting with?

  3. JohnnieD
    JohnnieD at |

    Make sure you go to a Turkish bath in IST. I did this last April and it was great!!

  4. DCFlyer
    DCFlyer at |

    Very interested in your trip. I am planning to do the same thing to maximize *A award redemption for my next trip, which would include stopping in stockholm and two other cities in Europe, so it is helpful to know how feasible it is for different cities based on the distance and ease of transportation from the airport to downtown. Any tips on booking process that would make this work ?

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