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  1. SEABrad
    SEABrad at |

    Coming out to Seattle/Everett?

    Better save that BP!

  2. SEABrad
    SEABrad at |

    Awesome! Enjoy – I didn’t learn about it until too late. (sad bc it is so close) I’m flying out of PDX Monday to LGA

  3. Wandering Aramean
    Wandering Aramean at |

    Did it completely sell out? A couple days ago there were still tix available for the fire department tour, which is the one I signed up for.

  4. SEABrad
    SEABrad at |

    Pretty sure there are still tickets available but my mom is flying into town and I’ve got a soccer game. Priorities…

  5. mark
    mark at |

    Get to the airport early and people watch? I guess…

  6. mark
    mark at |

    The airport isn’t exactly Rodeo Drive.