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  1. NYBanker
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    If anyone would like to go long this company, please let me know … I’ll take the other side of the trade.

    I know a number of groups that started up other carriers….mainly the semi-premium transatlantic carriers that were in vogue in the mid-00s. In that case, it was the alliance-wide miles programs (or their lack thereof) that was a big nail in the coffin…. Oh, and a little banking crisis, too…

  2. PanAm
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    Yeah it will be interesting to see how it goes, if they get off the ground. I kind of agree that WN has lost its way in my eyes – by volume I guess they’re considered major domestic carrier? but yet you have cattle car seating, no IFE, etc…and pricing that whenever I look is not at all competitive for what you give up. But, their profitability is such that despite my not liking them, they’re doing just fine!

    It’s so hard to make money in the airline business, a startup has to be very careful in finding its niche. I remember SkyBus that flew out of CMH near me – it lasted less than a year I think. Although he dismisses the comparison to Allegiant, PEOPLExpress might do OK as leisure-centric carrier like that perhaps.