United’s Star Alliance upgrades going offline for a few weeks

One interesting nugget from an announcement by a United Airlines official caught my eye today: The ability to redeem a Star Alliance upgrade is going offline as part of their migration to the new back-end systems on March 3rd. That the feature is going offline isn’t so surprising – I expect lots of things will off and on over the weekend ad days to follow – but the expected duration of the outage caught me rather by surprise. The function will be offline for "a few weeks."


To be fair, that’s not a feature that I actually care much about since I think the value in upgrades, especially partner upgrades, is very close to nil. But I also don’t have a job where someone else is often footing the tab for full-fare tickets that I can upgrade. I suppose were I in that situation I might be more outraged at this announcement. And having the system down for a few weeks, especially a system that works just fine with the current version of the SHARES platform, seems a bit extreme.

Then again, this undertaking is mammoth by any standards so I suppose things have to be prioritized. No real big deal to me that this is lower on that list.

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