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  1. Scottrick
    Scottrick at |

    I agree, AC has pretty good coach service, but the extra legroom you get from E+ keeps bringing me back to UA. I’m not sure your experience with the great seat could be easily replicated.

  2. Ken McGuffin
    Ken McGuffin at |

    I’m flying YYZ to LHR on Air Canada this Friday. On the flights I’m never bothered if I can’t get an upgrade, since it is fairly comfortable in economy.

  3. NB
    NB at |

    I occasionally do AC rather than UA across the Atlantic. For those of us who always book cheap fares they are really the only sensible options. UA wins on E+ (and their food ex-LHR is pretty good, but ex-SFO/IAD/LAX is truly horrible). But AC’s seat pitch is somewhere between that of E- and E+, the IFE is much better, the planes are in better condition and the service is superior – so, all in all, it’s a good choice.

  4. Anne - Music and Markets Tours
    Anne - Music and Markets Tours at |

    Really appreciate this post. I’ve been seeing so many good fares on AC, but have always avoided them since we always choose UA for our frequent TATL flights due to the Econ+. But your post encourages me to give AC a try… thanks!

  5. Greg
    Greg at |

    I agree that Air Canada has a pretty decent coach product (and as a Canadian, I’m quite familiar with it), but BA is definitely the best transatlantic coach experience that I’ve had (food, comfort, IFE, serives).

    Plus, on my most recent BA flight, having the other two economy seats next to me empty made for a great ghetto business class experience!

  6. Kris Ziel
    Kris Ziel at |

    As I recall, drinks are free on international UA flights, so that’s not an added plus, is it? And also, on UA they always give out the full can without request on international flights (and 90% of the time on domestic flights).

  7. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    @Kris – free booze only over the Pacific on UA, I believe. Certainly it wasn’t free on ORD-AMS a few days ago (but they did take my expired old PMUA drink chits).

    @Seth – do they have big video equipment boxes under the seats? I don’t really care much about the IFE and would hate to have a significant chunk of my leg room taken up by equipment that just provides me with a map (video comes courtesy of my iPad).