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    […] data – is available as a single XML file from the VX website. That made the analysis pretty easy. More details on the rates and some of the quirks in the charts can be found here. __________________ Wandering Aramean | Twitter | Lounge Guide | Travel Tools | World Heritage […]

  2. Brendan
    Brendan at |

    Virgin Atlantic also just updated their partner airlines page to reflect that you can FINALLY redeem VS miles on Virgin America…no indication of miles needed, but at least VS finally got this process going. It was supposed to happen for some time now, so nothing to write home about.

  3. glu800
    glu800 at |

    VX really operates one of the least rewarding loyalty programs out there.

    I suppose for the JFK-BNE or ORD-BNE redemptions, it would make much more sense to book the international segment separately, and just do the domestic VX segment online for far less points! I’m wondering if the calculator is routing the itinerary through LHR and Asia?? Seems ridiculous.

  4. Stephen
    Stephen at |

    From what I saw of their travelers, even of those that are frequent with them, many don’t have an elevate membership number. their program is also based on revenue spent instead of amount flown, so those that buy the low cost fares get very little in return. It seems Virgin America attracts those that like their product first, and that product is not inclusive of their rewards program. I know from talking to some of their customers that they checked daily for the lowest fares and bought them, knowing there was almost no value to the elevate program for them, they just did not join or even put the number in.

    Out of 2 planeloads of passengers, I saw less than 15 members of elevate, in total, yet the planes were full and the people and crews were happy.
    I saw a customer try to take a 36″ LCD as a carryon as well, that was a laugh 🙂 He agreed to gate check it in the end, but it did not want to do that.

  5. Deirdre
    Deirdre at |

    At least the name of the XML file is accurate. 🙂

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  7. Simek
    Simek at |

    When evaluating revenue-based programs like Virgin America’s that have perceived low value, you have to also consider that award availability is handled differently. From what I know Elevate points can be used on any VX flight. How is the availability on VS and VA handled for Elevate redemptions?

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