More discount offers from Porter Air

It seems that hardly a week goes by without another special offer from Porter Air. I don’t always post them but there are two out right now that are actually pretty decent and are dollar-off coupons rather than percentage off so the fact that they apply only to the base fare isn’t quite as limiting. The two coupons available right now are each for $100 off, depending on the dates of travel and routes.

First up is a $100 off any return trip coupon. It requires purchase by 16 April 2012 and travel by 31 May. The coupon code is 041412.


The other deal is more limited in terms of the route available – it covers only flights between Toronto‘s City Airport and Montreal. But it is also much broader in the dates it covers, requiring booking by 27 April and travel by 4 September.

Both are also valid for $50 off a one-way trip.

Paying full price to fly on Porter Air is almost never necessary, it seems, and these deals are just another example of that. And if you haven’t flown on Porter Air it is definitely worth giving them a try. I’m a big fan of the service and the fact that they fly out of the City airport downtown.

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