More updates to the FareFinder tool

The response since I released the FareFinder tool last week has been incredible, including a few feature requests that made sense to work on. I’m happy to announce that some updates have been made which hopefully will increase the utility of the tool significantly for users.

First up, all registered users can now toggle on/off all carriers in the filter:


If all are toggled off then you must go in an pick one to get the data to update. First Class members still have the ability to click on the icon next to a carrier name to immediately filter only to that carrier. Additionally, First Class members can set up default filters for excluded airlines from both the UP-fares and Low Fares searches.

Next, there are now a few more details available the fares that the system is publishing. The data grid now shows hyperlinks for the fare and fare basis columns:


Click on one of those links and a new window will pop up showing the details of the fare. These details include minimum and maximum stay, advance purchase requirements and fare validity dates.


The caveat here is that the detail data is only displayed where it exists, and it doesn’t actually exist for all fares. Even where it does exist it rarely exists for all categories. This is a limitation of the underlying data source and unfortunately not one that I can fix easily.

As always, I’m open to suggestions for other improvements so feel free to ask.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Any chance the UA/B fares section could be expanded to also include M fares (for 1Ks)?

  2. Thanks for this awesome tool. I’ve been using it to sniff out some good base fares out of HNL.

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