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  1. sachin
    sachin at |

    Awesome. Just curios…how much did it cost??

  2. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    Very cool. Mind saying how much the helo ride was just for future reference?

  3. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    Thanks. Unfortunately I don’t think helicopter rides are ever cheap, especially in a place like that, but looks like it was well worth it.

  4. harvson3
    harvson3 at |

    It’s also worth hiking up to the first hill (Morro da Urca) from a path that starts northeast of Praia Vermelha. The trail leads up to a saddle between the two hills, and you go left to Urca (going to Sugarloaf itself requires climbing gear, and skill). It’s a short jaunt through tropical forest if you can’t make it out to Tijuca proper.

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