Gogo shoots for the stars, launches satellite-based solution

In-flight internet provider Gogo has teamed up with AeroSat to offer Ku-band satellite connectivity to their customers. This offering will augment the other solutions the company has, including the current air-to-ground solution and the forthcoming ATG4 and Ka-satellite services. By adding this service option the company expects to be able to provide service to any customer anywhere in the world. The move also means that satellite-based service will be available later this year rather than 2-3 years down the line when the Ka-satellite services are expected to finally come online world-wide.

Said company CEO Michael Small,

Ku is the here and now satellite technology and will allow us to service airline clients who want an overseas solution today. However, in many cases we see this as a bridge technology that will allow us to offer overseas service until Inmarsat’s Global Xpress Ka satellite service is available.

The AeroSat solution is an established, reliable product which is currently installed on nearly 400 aircraft world-wide. By going with a proven solution the company will be able to more quickly ramp up the service offering.

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Seth Miller

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