United, Avianca announce codeshare and frequent flyer reciprocity

United Airlines and Avianca have announced a start date for cooperation between the two carriers, leading up to Avianca’s joining Star alliance, expected to be finalized later this year. The deal will see the two carriers operating codeshares on a number of routes beginning June 21, 2012. At the same time reciprocity for earning and redemption of frequent flyer points between the two carriers will also start.

Avianca currently has earning rates for flights on United on their website. The rates are pretty normal, with all economy fares earning at 100% and a 25% bonus for business class and 50% for first class. United does not yet have earning rates for Avianca-operated flights online. More updates to come when those are available.

United Airlines and Avianca Bring North and South America Closer Together Through Their Codeshare Agreement – Yahoo! Finance.

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Seth Miller

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  1. That’s awesome news, I think I can see myself taking a trip to medellin. I checked EF and the availability looks decent.

  2. So this more or less confirms that LAN+TAM will end up in Oneworld since they couldn’t be a part of alliance that included Avianca?

  3. Sweet. I just booked a trip to BOG, and this couldn’t have come at a better time. 😎

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