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  1. Kathy (Will Run For Miles)
    Kathy (Will Run For Miles) at |

    a really nice post, as always. Question- how do you learn of the inaugural flights?

  2. Steven
    Steven at |

    How many water cannon salutes can one experience in less than a week?

  3. Lark
    Lark at |

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. oliver2002
    oliver2002 at |

    That guy at the PA in a HI shirt reminded me of boarding the FRA-OSL segment of SMD 1 🙂 Of course you guys had all the fun with me hunting the missing passenger 🙁

  5. Audy
    Audy at |

    Wow, 2 inaugurals in one month.
    What an awesome start to your summer.
    What did you think of the seat? I flew last month from HNL to SFO on HA and thought the cushioning was a bit harder than other 330 Y seats I’ve experienced. The paying for the IFE was lame as well. Although I was in the mini Y cabin so that was a plus. Oh, and the free inflight meal.

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  7. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    You should have flown the last UA flight out of OAK this weekend. That got a water cannon salute as well (not sure that made sense to me). And a diversion to Cheyenne, I think.

  8. Audy
    Audy at |

    Its good to hear about the plans to change the seat cushions. I thought I had enough padding down there myself, but I guess I need to increase my plate lunch intake prior to my next HA flight.

    In regards to the IFE I think it would be great if they would offer free IFE to elite passengers. I know you can get two free alcoholic beverages with a Pualani membership card, but I would gladly trade it for free IFE.

    Let me guess, are you on the UA flight to IAD tomorrow? You need to schedule a bit more time for yourself here in Hawaii so you can eat at someplace other than L&L. Just kidding. Actually, it would be kind of neat to eat at the L&L here one day and then the one on Fulton in NYC the next. Kind of like visiting two Disney Lands on the same trip , but with more calories.

    Next time you have a long layover in HNL you should try a great sushi place near the airport called “Mitch’s Sushi”. Not the cheapest of places but really good quality seafood.

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