Hawaiian Airlines says Aloha to Brisbane

Or maybe Brisbane is saying G’day to Hawaii. Hard to know exactly which way the translations should go, but it is quite clear that flights between Honolulu and Brisbane will start November 27, 2012, with thrice weekly service from Hawaiian Airlines. The flights will be operated on a 767 aircraft with 262 seats, meaning 40,000+ new seats in the Australia – Hawaii market annually.

The route is about 9 hours in the air, and the arrival and departure times are quite convenient. The outbound flight leaves Honolulu at 10:20am arriving at 4pm +1. The return flight departs Brisbane at 6:35pm and arrive back in Honolulu at 8:05am the same day (the international date line is all sorts of awesome). This timing allows for connections at both ends, including a number of mainland flights on the east-bound flights (though not the new JFK service). Then again, a 22 hour layover in Honolulu isn’t so bad, right?

For folks looking at the frequent flier redemption options this opens up, the redemption rates are likely to match those of the Sydney route:


Not the best rates out there, but there aren’t a whole lot of other options out there so you take what you can get, I suppose.

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    1. I would expect that it will be open to partner redemption similar to the HNL-SYD flight today. Whether inventory shows up is a whole different story, but I figure the eligibility should be there.

  1. Why would you redeem at those rates when you could use 140K HA miles for an Upper Class ticket from the US to anywhere VS flies (including SYD, HKG and CPT)?

    The HA award chart generally sucks, but that one option is all kinds of awesome

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