JetBlue, Emirates announce frequent flyer earning reciprocity

JetBlue and Emirates have announced reciprocity in earning points across their flights and loyalty programs, offering additional flexibility for their customers. This move follows on the two carriers announcing interline service in November 2010 and makes Emirates the third partner carrier where TrueBlue points can be earned. The deal takes effect on July 1.

Earning rates in the TrueBlue program are based on the distance of the flight and the fare class of travel on Emirates flights. Not surprisingly, many coach fares earn at only 50% credit:


In the fine print section there is a note that all flights will earn a minimum of 100 points in the TrueBlue program. I’m not sure of any flights in the Emirates network shorter than 200 miles (both Muscat and Doha are longer) so I don’t really know if that’s important, but the footnote is there.

There is also a promotion for double points earned on Emirates flights taken by September 30, 2012. Registration is required.

Earning points in the Emirates Skywards program on JetBlue flights has a similar earning scheme, with the number of points varying based on the fare for the trip. The most discounted fares earn at 25% so be careful about earning rates:


Similar to the TrueBlue earning rates there is a minimum 100 points credit into the Skywards program, and in this case it makes sense as there are several routes shorter than 400 miles which could be purchased on the discounted fares.

And, similar to the TrueBlue promo, there is also a double points promotion for earning into the Skywards program on JetBlue flights between July 1 and September 30. Registration is required.

The Emirates webpage also notes that redemption reciprocity is coming, with an expectation of implementation in February 2013. Something to look forward to in the new year.

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