New MileagePlus earning rates for Taca flights

United Airlines has, once again, updated the earning rates for a partner airline. This time it is Central American carrier Taca which is seeing new numbers. Since the last version of the details being posted the most significant change is that as of June 1, 2012, flights on Taca metal started accruing credit towards elite status in the MileagePlus program. Another change, this one rather less fortunate, is that there are now five fare buckets which only earn at 50% credit rather than 100%. Here’s what the new chart looks like:


These rates are now updated in the Wandering Aramean Travel Tools calculators.

It is not clear how these rates relate to the recently announced codesharing deal with Avianca. Avianca and Taca are merging but the impact on earning rates with partner airlines is not entirely clear at this time. United does not have an earning chart for Avianca-operated flights currently available on their site.

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    1. That is a decent deal, Steelsnow. It books into S so only 50% credit, but still a decent price for the trip. Not necessarily the best mileage run, but not a bad price at all from the left coast for a fun, quick trip.

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