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  1. rick
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    Delta is a on a short final to complete crapitude. A sampling of their fares reveals that just about every ticket falls into the lowest two buckets, and this is for normal tickets bought through their website, not even as packages or other heavy discounts. I even struggled to find an H bucket fare.

  2. Storm
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    Rick — Published LUT (and HQK) fares still earn 100% RDM/MQM. It’s only unpublished fares (ie condolidator tickets) that map into those buckets that are affected. Any fare you buy on DL.com or through Expedia, Travelocity, etc. will still earn full miles.

  3. rick
    rick at |

    Thanks for clearing that up, hat’s better. I still try to avoid them if I can, the skypesos are a pain to redeem.

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