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  1. United to "slim" the A320 fleet - FlyerTalk Forums

    […] the Recaro BL3250s, a/k/a NEK on Lufthansa. http://blog.apex.aero/cabin-interior…boost-revenue/ http://blog.wandr.me/thewan…ir-a320-fleet/ I've flown on these seats with LH a few times. If United doesn't opt for the "comfort" […]

  2. Brian
    Brian at |

    Those seats on LH are awful, but for a flight from say FRA to TXL, it is hard to really complain. SFO to IAD on the other hand….

  3. frequent churner
    frequent churner at |

    They should just install cubbyholes, where people climb in head and lay flat the whole way. In the same footprint as 3 seats, they can probably fit them 3-high, maybe even 4 for extra dense economy and non-plus sized people.

  4. 1K Over Entitled Elite
    1K Over Entitled Elite at |

    Cubbyholes? I think they are going to implement a “coffin” class. climb into a lightweight coffin with a packet of cheese, crackers, and a bottled waater for your comfort.

    Over entitled for seats now I see 🙁

  5. Joe Nevin
    Joe Nevin at |

    Pack’em in – just like anchovies and tuna fish. 1K is now becoming an essential defensive maneuver

  6. frequent churner
    frequent churner at |

    On a long flight, I’ll take 5+ hours of laying down in a tight cubbyhole, over sitting in a tight seat.

  7. Michael D
    Michael D at |

    With only 21 (24 with F) rows adding a row is going to mean reducing the pitch by more than the inch gained with the BL3250.

    Looks like the under seat storage height has increased.

    I notice UA FF BFFL J Rainey was quoted in the referenced article.

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