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  1. rick b
    rick b at |

    Are you referring to revenue-based earning of miles, or flat-rate redemption?

  2. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    I hope we all have more than just a few good years left, but the tea leaves don’t seem to be in favor of the status quo.

    It’s hard to see much value in FF programs if we’re stuck with some sort of revenue system, at least for the expensive premium and longhaul int’l redemptions popular now. I guess I’d still collect miles but it would dramatically change the whole game.

    At that point, as far as rewards credit cards for example, maybe it would be better to focus on a cash back card or TYP/MR/UR type card?

    I guess jetblue and Virgin America frequent flyers must be happy enough with their programs, maybe it’s not all bad. OTOH, the legacy carriers don’t offer a product that’s quite as snazzy as those two – I’m sure that helps overall customer satisfaction, too.

  3. AdamH
    AdamH at |

    I think we will see more legacy carriers go the distance-based route for redemptions (al a Avios) before they get rid of distance-based earnings. I have nothing to back that up other than my gut, but I think the bosses and bean counters will see it as an easy way to reign in on some of the really costly aspirational awards that savvy points guys have come to love.