United “Expert Mode” returning today

As shared by United Airlines representatives on MilePoint and FlyerTalk today:


Or just click here and it should take you to the correct place.

Here’s what the disclaimer looks like:



Hopefully the GreaseMonkey script I previously built will still work. If not I’ll be working on it tonight to have it functional ASAP.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Yet another situation of CO taking away a UA item, only to go back and reinstate it……when will CO management get it in their heads that the UA product was actually a very good thing????

  2. No, it isn’t back on existing itineraries and I don’t expect that it will be. The “upgrade pending” arrows are supposed to cover those itineraries.

    As for it being something taken away and then put back, I have a hard time faulting them for trying to pull it. Given the number of people calling in and harassing the agents based on false knoledge they “know” from the expert mode option it is hard to be too surprised. The number of people who have openly admitted to making such calls and eventually shown to be wrong is scary. Moreso because they won’t admit they are wrong despite significant evidence. This won’t stop all of that but it should help.

  3. I still have a lot of problems with United’s upgrade system. If calling and harassing phone gents was/is such a big problem another huge step would be to vastly overhaul and improve the automated upgrade system. It is annoying when R>0 during your upgrade window but you haven’t been upgraded. Even if you aren’t next in line, there is someone who should get that space and R should drop back to zero. If this isn’t how United wants things to work, they should really come up with a new fare class for CPUs. Furthermore, it is down right awful when R>0 and you are waitlisted with an instrument. Someone can jump in front of you or, even in the best case, you have to call in (possibly multiple times) and get it cleared. A much more dynamic system is desperately needed.

  4. Is this still working? I changed the mode and saved it, but the searches just show regular fare classes. How should I be searching for the R bucket??

    1. Yes, it is still working. Typically if it is not working you aren’t fully logged in to your account. There is a “half-way” logged in version of the united.com site which doesn’t work for expert mode, even though it has your name and account info on the front page.

      1. Logged out and back in, and it is working…. thx, thought they might have killed it again.

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