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  1. Derek - ThePointsGuide
    Derek - ThePointsGuide at |

    Awesome detail.. shows how much I still need to learn with mileage runs!

    Did I miss it in your post or did you not say what the final number of miles would be for your entire trip?

  2. Angelina
    Angelina at |

    So informative, thanks Seth!!

  3. charles
    charles at |

    …and without a credit card reference!
    kudos… thanks for making it “simple”…

  4. Sice
    Sice at |

    Thanks for the real world example, it’s always more helpful than some made up scenario.

    ITA is useful even with limited routing knowledge, add that in and it’s very helpful.

  5. Rapid Travel Chai
    Rapid Travel Chai at |

    A master class.

  6. EggSS4
    EggSS4 at |

    Very jealous…they moved the 787 time from 8:09 to 8 AM in December, so I’m going to have to book the 9 AM IAH-EWR. A 26 minute connection could be doable but it would just make me nervous in IAH.

    -Seth (Szabo’s friend)

  7. theblakefish
    theblakefish at |

    I have had this explained to me….uh, by the same blogger…but I forget quickly so this is a great tutorial. Thanks!!

  8. William
    William at |

    just to clarify.. just because I can create an itinerary on ITA does not mean it will be bookable when I call a ticketing agent correct?

  9. marZ
    marZ at |

    To clarify (and piggyback on the above comment), the multi-city search you spoke of when booking your flights was the one from united.com, correct? So you have to “trick” the airline’s system to give you the routing you want?

  10. smitty06
    smitty06 at |

    How do find the city pairs with low fares to begin with? I think it used to be that you could start with farecompare.

  11. CDKing
    CDKing at |

    So did ya actually book it? I’m on UA1146 IAH-EWR Seat 2A

  12. Aptraveler
    Aptraveler at |

    Great tutorial Seth, you make it seem so easy for all us to follow. Thanks!

  13. Jen
    Jen at |

    Thank you for a great post! Extremely helpful to see real world example and step by step process, esp. for us newbies. Thanks so much!

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  15. Mark
    Mark at |

    So…the big question is how do you actually BOOK these fares? Most UA reps I talk to have to call rates department for a simple YVR-SFO-KOA???

  16. jim
    jim at |


    thanks for the nice explanation of the tool. I was looking for something like this for a while. Sometimes I use a combination of airlines and it seems like this tool does not show that? I can see them, say on expedia, but ITA does not. And sometimes expedia shows a cheaper fare. Do you know why?

    Also do you happen to know a tool that shows fare class and price from a certain city outside the US? Any other tool recommendation for mileage run or posts that explain them?

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  22. Kush Patel
    Kush Patel at |

    What’s the trick on booking mileage runs? I’ve found a couple of good ones but have been unable to book them

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