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  1. Craig
    Craig at |

    Is it possible that the airlines are deliberately keeping the number of PreCheck-qualified passengers low so that PreCheck can essentially be a government-funded exclusive benefit for elite-level frequent flyers?

  2. Joe Nevin
    Joe Nevin at |

    My first experience with TSA Pre-Check at ORD Terminal 1 (UA) over the last weekend was TERRIFIC. I got the 3 beeps after I scanned my electronic boarding pass via iOS Passbook (worked flawlessly) and zipped through security in less than 2 minutes with shoes on, coat on and liquids in my bag. The TSA agents were even extremely polite, reminded me of what I didn’t have to do any more and told me they were there to help get me through security quickly. WOW. I’m scoring TSA 10 out of 10. It is hard to believe I just said that.

  3. Carl
    Carl at |

    Here’s an amusing situation. My wife recently got Global Entry but I don’t have it. Prior to getting Global Entry, we both routinely got 3-beeps for Pre-Check. Since I added her Global Entry number into her profile Pre-Check stopped working for her. We haven’t gotten a clear understanding but it appears to have something to do with her middle name. In any event it seems strange that another branch of DHS considers her more trusted, and giving that information to TSA makes her less trusted than she was before. I guess I should remove the GE number from her airline profile.

  4. Santastico
    Santastico at |

    Here is what bothers me. I am a permanent resident of the US and have a Global Entry permit. All my information is available in my Delta profile and I registered for the TSA PreCheck. It worked for a while and I was always eligible until last week when I tried to board on the TSA PreCheck and the officer told me I was not eligible for that. Two days later on the flight back I was eligible for TSA PreCheck. Thus in my opinion the system works at random since not always you are selected for that benefit.

  5. Jay
    Jay at |

    Any idea when PreCheck is going to go live at EWR for United?

    I’ve been seeing this for a LONG time now:

    “(EWR) Newark Liberty International Airport
    Coming Soon
    United Airlines Location
    C3 Checkpoint”

    I only just got approved for Global Entry, so I really hope they start it before my trip in December.

  6. Sam
    Sam at |

    My personal experience has been that my PreCheck selections for security have dramatically increases upon getting Global Entry and entering my Trusted Traveler number in my frequent flyer airline profiles.

    For those that are having trouble getting selected, I’ve heard that if your name varies between documents (boarding pass, ID, Trusted Traveler #, etc.) chances of getting selected are lower. Not sure if this is true or not, but I made sure the name on file with United and American matched my driver’s license, passport, and global entry name.

  7. Chris B.
    Chris B. at |

    I agree that the TSA blaming the airlines is unjustified, mainly due to the existence of Global Entry, Sentri and Nexus. I contend that the qualification for Pre-check should be disconnected from the airlines, instead this process should be standalone and available to everyone with GE (or equivalent) adjudication.

    The randomness could then be based on number of passengers moving through the lines instead of status with an airline. In addition, it could require a biometrics check to link the person to their card. Disney World can do fingerprints quickly, as can banks.

    This way more people can be served through security, it will make the process more useful for time assumptions, and be available to all Americans who want to use the system. The effort put into the front end (getting to an interview, the paperwork, the fees) mitigate future effort on travel day. Those Americans who don’t want to invest these resources can go through the cattle drive : )

  8. Joe C.
    Joe C. at |

    I think your blog captures my frustration with the Pre-Check system. I even wrote about it last week: great idea, but not enough roll-out. I understand where TSA would be frustrated at the airlines for not rolling more passengers through, but for this to be a worthwhile project, they need to start making this available at more airports in the United States. What’s the use of trying to get into Pre-Check if it only aligns with my travel plans once or twice a year?

  9. Jay
    Jay at |

    Thank you Seth! I would have missed out on this.

    Now I’m a total newbie at this so please excuse the next question… But what are the 3 beeps that you are referring to?

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  11. Phudnik
    Phudnik at |

    @Santastico, PreCheck is supposed to be random by design; even if one qualifies for PreCheck, there is always the chance that one will not get the coveted three beeps (or the big green light which is used at LAX).

    @Chris B., PreCheck is already available to people with Global Entry/Nexus, etc. Are you saying that it should *only* be available to people who qualify for one of the Trusted Traveler programs?

  12. Bryan
    Bryan at |

    I use it and love it. At PHX, you go into a separate line with literally no one in it (never seen anyone in it anyway), *so* fast through security. I don’t recall getting any beeps tho…

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  14. Success Factors
    Success Factors at |

    I think it all depends upon the Government policies and don’t know they change it when they want without any specification.