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  1. Paul W
    Paul W at |

    Really good analysis and also entertaining writing style. Thanks for quality original content which keeps me coming back to your blog for more.

  2. Rita
    Rita at |

    Their first step should be letting their carriers freely join global alliances. It’s their reluctance on that front that allowed EK to be the “de facto” national carrier for a nation of 1 billion.

    Some consolidation would be nice, given that the population that could afford air travel at all is a tiny fraction of the nation as a whole.

    Finally, ease the visa costs and restrictions. DEL/BOM are perfectly situated to replicate the success of DXB/DOH (plus enormous domestic feed). I dream of the one day when I could do EWR-BOM on UA then BOM-HKG on 9W, seamlessly.

  3. Brian L.
    Brian L. at |

    The government of India has created an over-regulated, unprofitable, undesirable business environment, and they’re blaming everyone but themselves for their problems, like a selfish, spoiled brat. I wouldn’t be surprised if, one day, there are no domestic Indian airlines.

  4. Carl
    Carl at |

    Isn’t the Indian government its own worst enemy in virtually every arena of the economy? This is a country where everyone has a diesel generator because the electric supply system is so unreliable even in urban areas. This is a country with border crossings between internal states. This is a country where everyone wants to be a government minister so that they can be a chokepoint on private decisions

  5. Ex-CON1K
    Ex-CON1K at |

    There is NO…NEED…TO WOORRY!

  6. ikonos
    ikonos at |

    There is something that indigo must be doing right as it is making money and gaining market share. I am sure they are playing in the same environment and other airlines can probably learn from them how to be profitable. I doubt govt is the reason for all their problems.

  7. Carl
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