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  1. downhillcrasher
    downhillcrasher at |

    Given that they already serve JFK its hard to get excited bout this one (yes, I know JFK and EWR are not exactly the same market, but for many folks they are pretty similar). WIsh they would fly to Houston if they wanted to attack United.

  2. Mark
    Mark at |

    When JetBlue tried to challenge CO years ago (notably to SJU), CO greatly increased service and drastically lowered price. B6 got annihilated and now offers token FL and BOS service from EWR.

  3. Mike
    Mike at |

    I will take it. More nonstop options out of EWR to LAX/SFO is welcome!

  4. Alex
    Alex at |

    I’m hoping that Virgin’s debut at EWR would stop United’s practice of only charging M fare and higher for SFO-EWR when booking a one-way (and only allowing discounted economy to be booked on a roundtrip), but I’m wondering whether VX at EWR will have much of an effect.

    I still think that United’s elite benefits are something that make customers extremely loyal to UA despite recent cuts and upsets with the merger. VX is offering status matches over to VX’s elite program for MP members, but I’m not sure how many have jumped actually ship since the VX’s program does not offer much.

  5. amejr999
    amejr999 at |

    Will VX be around in April 2013 to actually fly these flights?

  6. James
    James at |

    Where did these slots for VX come from?

    SOLTATIO at |

    Just did a quick search on Matrix and it seems that United is matching. (At least for return services ex LAX that I checked.) Return $298. Pretty good for a trans-con.

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