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  1. New Girl in the Air
    New Girl in the Air at |

    My thoughts are…who cares. I’m more about the destination I’m traveling to than anything to do with the airline itself, whether that’s aircraft, brand, or logo.

  2. Joe Nevin
    Joe Nevin at |

    zzzzzzzz. A logo should be the reflection of the brand proposition. I’d be more interested in understanding what their brand stands for.

  3. mike
    mike at |

    new logo sucks.

  4. Travel Bug
    Travel Bug at |

    I’m with New Girl. Is this logo a critical part of their strategy to become profitable? It seems like a bunch a hullabaloo to the district me from the issue I’m really interested in – the merger and the future of Aadvantage.

  5. mike
    mike at |

    rebranding is a greatt way to re-market things and set away from the past. However, their new logo is horrible. When you look at a brand logo, you should get a sense of what it is and who they are. This new logo doesn’t capture that at all. Fire whoever decided to use this.

  6. Peterson
    Peterson at |

    it’s interesting only if they start painting the planes in white instead of leaving half the plane in exposed metal like in the 70s

  7. Santastico
    Santastico at |

    Stands for: BARBER POLE AIRLINES!!!!!

  8. Noah Kimmel
    Noah Kimmel at |

    need better service before the rest of this…

    I think DL did the best job of new livery. Not a huge fan of the AA one. The logo is nice, the big AMERICAN tiles are nice, but the tail is pretty bad, and the grey is so depressing. Hopefully US can fix it post-merger? hahaha

  9. Joe W
    Joe W at |

    The outside of the planes may be a symbol of a new rebranding but the insides still maintain the 65 yr old bitter FA’s that will be a symbol of what the AA brand still stands for….

  10. Joe C.
    Joe C. at |

    The flag tail reminds me of another airline with a flag on it’s tail. Let’s not read TOO much into this, but it might be a pre-position piece.

  11. Brad
    Brad at |

    You are bitter just to about any airline you do not fly on.

  12. timmer1001
    timmer1001 at |

    pretty non-eventful… logo looks childish to me. Another marketing failure. AA hyped it up and then failed to deliver. If they had just said, new logo, here it is, it would have been fine. This is just more American (culture not airline) BS… lipstick on a pig kind of thing

  13. Wendy
    Wendy at |

    I don’t like the tail on the new logo. I think it would look better with the AA in the red, white and blue and kind of interlocked on a silver background.

  14. DaninSTL
    DaninSTL at |

    You think they would wait until after the merger to rebrand. It would save trouble and money I would think.

  15. Tom
    Tom at |

    Not a big fan of the livery…. Weaker than any other US legacy – not that any of them are too attractive.

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