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  1. United "fixes" their earning rates for flights on South African Airways - The Wandering Aramean

    […] UPDATE: This is a MUCH more broad devaluation of the MileagePlus program covering premium fares on 9… […]

  2. tommy777
    tommy777 at |

    So First on US domestic gives 1.5 while Singapore in R suites gives 1. Makes a lot of sense. :p

  3. Phudnik
    Phudnik at |

    It looks as if the joint venture partners + US Airways (which gets 100% EQM for Y/B fares, just as in US’s own program) are the carriers on whom 150% EQM for premium tix is preserved.

    This is the way Mileage Plus operated pre-merger, more or less.

  4. Aleks K.
    Aleks K. at |

    On the upside, at least some have improved. I’ve been trying to decide where to credit an upcoming flight on Croatia Airlines in P fare which was showing as earning no mileage last time I looked. Today, it will earn 50% if credited to MileagePlus.

  5. oleg
    oleg at |

    This is just premium-qualifying details; mileage earning us not changed (as far as I can see anywhere).

    If you’re regularly flying SQ R, does United status matter that much? (It’s irrelevant for your flights, you can likely credit in better programs, and if you can afford this flying the extra flights to get United status won’t break the bank.)

  6. Wandering Aramean
    Wandering Aramean at |

    Yes, PQMs only. I’ll edit the post to make that more clear in a bit. But it is a rather significant change. It isn’t just F fares which are affected. Y and B fares were slashed, too.

  7. Biggles209
    Biggles209 at |
  8. Biggles209
    Biggles209 at |

    I’m also seeing Asiana, Blue1, and Swiss down, but TAM unchanged. I wonder if they are still messing around…

  9. Jon
    Jon at |

    Sucks because I was going to book an S fare on SAA just for the 150 percent pqms

  10. Eugene
    Eugene at |

    Crap. Have TG J coming up next month. Was looking forward to 150% eqm

  11. United Comings And Goings « Pizza In Motion

    […] Wandering Aramean has a massive list of United fares that no longer qualify for bonus PQMs.  It’s not the most surprising move, since this is move back to the way United compensated on some of these fare classes in the past.  And, most moves lately by airline loyalty programs are to cost-cutting as opposed to enhancements (most enhancements now are in physical product, new planes and seats).  And, the full-fare economy drops surprise me the least. […]

  12. Rapid Travel Chai
    Rapid Travel Chai at |

    I am starting to lose interest in moving over from Delta, it seems the main appeal of United is for people who collect the miles any way but actual flying and then redeeming on better partners, in my case I need a primary airline to fly.

  13. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    NoNotice changes….must be taking lessons from Delta. I wonder what other New Years treats UA has in store?

  14. Biggles209
    Biggles209 at |

    I’m still seeing the same as last night – maybe there is some caching going on somewhere. I have the following all offering 150% PQM at some fare levels: Air Canada, Air New Zealand, ANA, Austrian, Brussels Airlines, Cape Air, Copa, Lufthansa, SAS, SWISS, TAM, United, US Airways

  15. Partner EQM award changes (UA quietly changed some partner Y/B fares 150%->100%) - Page 3 - FlyerTalk Forums

    […] Posted by sbm12 AV and OZ are affected as well. I'm counting more than 70 fare class/carrier combinations so far which are reduced PQM earning: Thai Airways: J, P, U, Y, Z, A, B, C, D, […]

  16. Joe Nevin
    Joe Nevin at |

    It all makes sense from a UA bottom line perspective – which is obviously how they are looking at it

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    […] MilePoint the company offered up an explanation and a full listing of the affected fare classes (which pretty much matches the list I had produced) and also an explanation. Apparently the old rates were a mistake: In March 2012, when we migrated […]

  18. Travel Summary – 1/3/13
    Travel Summary – 1/3/13 at |

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  19. Mark
    Mark at |

    after flying a million miles on Continental/United being slavishly brand loyal we have given up. Seems to me that United is becoming the EasyJet of legacy carriers. A huge disappointment given I thought the CO management team would whip things into shape. My next flight is on Lan and my partner is flying Jet Blue next. Why be loyal to such a shitty product?

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