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  1. Todd
    Todd at |

    Good show, United!

  2. Tom / SitInFirst.com
    Tom / SitInFirst.com at |

    This rate card is materially off market. Shouldn’t each alliances’ goal be to incentivize paid premium cabin travel?

  3. Joe Nevin
    Joe Nevin at |

    It is nice to UA did the right thing. Good move. Let’s give them credit.

  4. IdahoSt
    IdahoSt at |

    This is the Deltafication of the industry, no notice and we will do what we please when we want to do it…this is going to get ugly, everyone buckle up

  5. AdamH
    AdamH at |

    @Tom I would agree. I really have no clue how the inner workings of an airline alliance work but I have to imagine it is similar to any other commission based system. Get someone to spend more and credit back to you, you get a bigger reward. Either UA isnt getting that bigger piece of the pie when it’s members are flying on a premium cabin on a partner airline or they are just keeping it all for themselves.

  6. abcx
    abcx at |

    How is this the right thing? They adopted the worst of CO and UA. Award change fees have also gone up compared to OnePass – you used to be able to change routing for free. Not anymore.

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  8. Yev
    Yev at |

    Is there some kind of an internal profile I can ask Mileage Plus to refer to?

    Currently on the phone with them and they have no idea about any retroactive validity – the agent keeps insisting that the PQM earning rate for SQ business class is 100% and that’s it.

  9. Eugene
    Eugene at |

    Hey Seth did you even make that call to UA about getting proper credit for your TG flights? I need to do the same thing before I forget.