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  1. Gene
    Gene at |

    I wish I had known this loophole existed. We paid through the nose for a one-way from REP to HAN last Christmas, something like $450 per person in coach!

  2. Peter S
    Peter S at |

    Nice update.

  3. Duc
    Duc at |

    I had no idea about the loophole either and your tool is so cool

  4. M
    M at |

    Off topic, but are there any chances of an Alitalia award search engine?

  5. David Rosenberg
    David Rosenberg at |

    So, I am just reading this post now but it is relevant today and kind of a bummer. I no longer see award tickets available very often. In fact when I do a search (I am looking for July 2014), the only seats available in BizClass run through March 2014. Nothing beyond that…The route I am trying for is NRT (Tokyo) to SGN. I see nothing but economy. I will be using DL skymiles. Do you have any suggestions for how to find these seats when I call DL? Thank you.