PEOPLExpress once again looks to fly

It was just over a year ago that the announcement came regarding a new PEOPLExpress and their attempts to get back into the air. There was a lot of noise at that time but very little in the way of forward progress. The carrier hit a couple snags with their marketing and then pretty much went silent. Things are picking up again, however, with the news that PEOPLExpress have a signed agreement to purchase a charter operator, giving the would-be start-up access to the license and fleet.

While the to-be-acquired carrier is not being named publicly many are speculating that Xtra Airways is the company in question. They already fly the 737-400, the type previously announced as the plane of choice, and they seem to be a decent takeover target. While the actual "who" of the charter operation doesn’t matter too much, the fact that there is one which has been acquired does. We are now quite a bit closer to seeing PEOPLExpress actually begin operations again.

Should be quite interesting, even if the launch is a bit later than their initial predictions.

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