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  1. gene
    gene at |

    DL intl upgrades are 4 at 75k plus 6 more at 125k for a cumulative 10 at 125k.

  2. Mike
    Mike at |

    And regional upgrades are automatic once your a diamond, Ive never not been upgraded since hitting the 125K level. 10/10, and Platinum was almost 2/3rds upgraded. But most of my flights are at least an M fare which is why the Delta Systemwide upgrades are nice for me. All travel over 14 hours gets a Y fare so upgrades are easy to get.

  3. oliver2002
    oliver2002 at |

    I see this as a desparate attempt by AA to leverage their loyalty program one last time while they are in ch11, and bank a large FFP following before the merger. These promos will stop next year when its just 3 legacy carrriers.

  4. theblakefish
    theblakefish at |

    I agree, Oliver – they are underwhelming to start with and I don’t see Parker et. al. continuing them at all. I made ExPlat due to AMR’s desperation over the last year and don’t think I will even make their lowest tier this year…not because I am not flying, but because AA and US really do suck.

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