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  1. theblakefish
    theblakefish at |

    I sho’ do wish that UA was running larger aircraft on this route…

  2. Matthew
    Matthew at |

    I don’t think the cheap fares (and I don’t mean the $99 fares) will last. When Virgin joined the PHL-LAX market fares plummeted…for a few months. Now they are higher than I’ve ever seen them before. Maybe the dynamics of the NYC market are different and I hope I am wrong, I just am not optimistic.

    Another example…when both Virgin and Delta joined the LAX-SYD game I thought we would be in for a sustained battle for low fares. Nope. At least for the dates I am searching, fares are a lot higher than they were a few years ago. No more $999 low-season r/ts on United, even in N/G/K/L class.

  3. MilesFromBlighty
    MilesFromBlighty at |

    Worth noting that a couple of those United 757s are the International versions with flat beds (ex-EWR), although upgrades are hard to snag.

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  5. Cook
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    Everyone (OK most?) loves a good fare war and $99 each way, EWR-SFO (and maybe LAX as well?) is a good price, it just cannot last. UA can probably make aa tiny profit with an 80% load factor, but hourly service (save 1900) from 0600 to 2000 strikes me as overkill. I cannot believe there is that much traffic. Some is probably connecting stuff to LAX, PDX and SEA and at least the LAX traffic will drop if the add EWR-LAX to the package. VX cannot come even close to matching that capacity – they simply do not have enough metal. That mouthful said, I’d still buy my seat from VX. Why? Even of the VX flight is >90% capacity, the service is so much better that I’d pay even more. OTOH, UA’s service is so terrible – on the ground, in the air and on-time, that I AVOID them when possible and would not fly UA, EWR-SFO in their metal, even at $79 each way. UA’s service is so truly awful that it is easily worth more bucks and slightly less schedule convenience (in theory) to fly with VX. And finally, let’s remember that VX is the one that has snapped UA into providing more capacity and dropping the price on the SFO route, especially designed for those fools willing to fly UA. US is now flying more than a dozen daily runs from EWR to SFO; my betting nickle says the screw up at least eight of them – every day. VA may fly three or four, but they get them right. For my flying, UA is toast. (Simple stuff lke CLEANING the airplane, test flushing and emptying the toilets at ALL turns and not forgetting to load the catering. (Oh, we did did not have time to load the peon-class beverage carts: No water, so soda, no booze. We’ll arrive in about six hours…” US can go to hell!

  6. Cook
    Cook at |

    Make that last line read “UA (not US) can go to hell!

  7. RestlessLocationSyndrome
    RestlessLocationSyndrome at |

    UA’s CFO John Rainey was just on CNBC and commented on Branson’s claims and flat out said with a straight face that Branson’s comments about cratering prices are bogus…. they see an increase in demand and are increasing supply to meet that demand.

    Now I don’t know what the supply was prior to VX’s announcement nor prior to them starting service on the route but something tells me that it wasn’t 14x daily. It would be good to know this for sure to see whether or not UA is dumping supply on the route.

  8. Kris Ziel
    Kris Ziel at |

    If Virgin has low fares, United has to match those fares, and once they do, the prices are cheap enough to increase demand. And I think that some consideration has to be given to JFK flights, it’s not like EWR and JFK are in their own vacuums.
    I don’t think United has any desire to lose $150m/year on two routes for the sake of attempting (and inevitably failing) to drive a minor competitor out of the market.

  9. Nick
    Nick at |

    There is way too much capacity. I wouldn’t be surprised to see reduced mileage awards & we will probably see double miles offers soon as well.