PointsHound, United splitting up

I’ve made no secret of my appreciation for alternate loyalty schemes from the traditional hotel programs. There are a number of cash-back options which are quite reasonable and for those looking to accrue points rather than cash both PointsHound and Rocketmiles have filled that gap, paying out via multiple loyalty programs rather than building their own.


Alas, one of those partnerships is ending today with Pointshound announcing that they are no longer a partner with United’s MileagePlus program. In an email sent to PointsHound members today the company announced the change:

We wanted to make you aware that United and PointsHound have decided to discontinue their partnership at this time.  As of July 24th, we’ll no longer be offering MileagePlus miles on new hotel reservations.

In appreciation of your early support of PointsHound, we’ve upgraded your account a level added a 1,000 point bonus to your profile which can be claimed in the program of your choice on your next booking.  To redeem this bonus, please login to your “MyAccount” page and update your earning preference and account numbers.

It is unfortunate that the partnership is going away. It appears to be the result of United forging an exclusive partnership with RocketMiles and excluding other options in that space. On the plus side, the bonus miles on a future booking and honoring the earning of United points on previously booked flights is quite nice.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Yup…no doubt that’s part of it.

    And I’m sure going exclusive offers some benefits to the two companies; I’m just not convinced that it offers benefits to customers. I suppose we’ll see soon enough.

  2. I did not get this email. I do currently have a reservation booked with them that will earn United miles… So I should be expecting it soon? Would love this 1,000 mile bonus

  3. I’ve had a pretty close look at both sites. I suspect that the Rocket model is more airline friendly/attractive because their offers are so rich. For example, a 2 night stay in NY nets more than 5,000 miles on more than 10 properties at Rocket. Especially with the PH “double dip” product, the mileage sales opportunity is much lower to entice an airline partner.

  4. Rarely find RocketMiles offers worth the money compared to the additional price they charge for the hotels. Very occasionally book things through PointsHound and that appears to work fine. Will continue to experiment with both over time, certainly whenever they have another bonus miles offer…

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