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  1. Brian K
    Brian K at |

    Hmm…wasn’t the guy who started Rocket an ex-United guy…

  2. Sean
    Sean at |

    I did not get this email. I do currently have a reservation booked with them that will earn United miles… So I should be expecting it soon? Would love this 1,000 mile bonus

  3. Jayesh
    Jayesh at |

    I’ve had a pretty close look at both sites. I suspect that the Rocket model is more airline friendly/attractive because their offers are so rich. For example, a 2 night stay in NY nets more than 5,000 miles on more than 10 properties at Rocket. Especially with the PH “double dip” product, the mileage sales opportunity is much lower to entice an airline partner.

  4. Glenn
    Glenn at |

    Rarely find RocketMiles offers worth the money compared to the additional price they charge for the hotels. Very occasionally book things through PointsHound and that appears to work fine. Will continue to experiment with both over time, certainly whenever they have another bonus miles offer…

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