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  1. airlandandsea
    airlandandsea at |

    How do you think JetBlue’s new seats will change how people fly transcon? Do you think many will opt for the lie down flat seats when fly across the country?

  2. Carl
    Carl at |

    It’s premature to declare B6’s business class the winner, especially as it’s not clear how the “suite” will be marketed (C or F?) and we have no idea what the catering will be. B6 doesn’t have lounges, which are included at least in UA and I think DL C fares. And no one has actually flown the B6 product yet… nor the AA or even the DL. VX doesn’t even seem to be in that contest at all with only a domestic-style eat and only 8 of them.

    On the whole, any traveler who is elite with any of the three network carriers is going to do best to stick with that carrier for access to the Y+ product, and the chance for an upgrade. And everyone else will probably buy by fare.

  3. Taylor Michie (@racingwinds)
    Taylor Michie (@racingwinds) at |

    @AirLandandSea In the JFK-LAX/SFO markets, there is an increased demand for premium seating when compared to other transcon markets (or even the overall domestic market).

    JetBlue’s new premium offerings are a new addition to their cabins, but other airlines (American and United come to mind) have offered premium service long before this announcement. Both American and United have already announced plans to upgrade their amenities on these routes, and JetBlue is now joining the party. Delta just announced plans to improve their offerings as well. Once all these improvements are complete, all four airlines will offer lie-flat business on this route.

    In my opinion, an offering like this is a departure from the norm on JetBlue, but the market has had their pick of “better-than-domestic-first” premium seating from the legacy carriers for some years now, and this is just an improvement.

  4. Nick
    Nick at |

    I actually prefer UA’s policy of requiring instrument to upgrade for this route. I agree it may be hurting them though.

  5. downhillcrasher
    downhillcrasher at |

    I think you left off an important intangible here and that is the overall seat density on the plane. Why does this matter? When the density is low boarding is quick, there is no cut-throat competition for overhead space, no need to gate-check if you are at the end of boarding and, thus, no need to board early. Right now the old-config UA flights win this. Soon, though, AA will win with their 102 seat A321.

  6. Joseph M
    Joseph M at |

    Wouldn’t B6 also have free drinks & snacks and IFE in coach?

  7. Brian K
    Brian K at |

    Interesting that for all of this, unless AA increases frequency materially, the number of premium seats in this market remains about flat next year, even with JetBlue adding 230 seats per day. Thanks to losing 10 premium seats from the AA 762s and UA old PS.

    Thank goodness JetBlue is coming in to sop up some of the full fare demand or upgrading / using miles would be more even challenging…

  8. Brian K
    Brian K at |

    Will also add Virgin says Newark is doing fine for them. Which makes some sense since when you look at fares, it doesn’t feel like a fare war. For now at least…

    Here’s what Cush said

    “He said Virgin America’s flights to Newark are already profitable. But how long can they last against United?

    “We can sustain it forever. We think it’ll be profitable at current fare levels,” he said. “All it did was reduce Newark fares to the same level as JFK fares.”

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  13. Joe
    Joe at |

    You made a slight typo. Jetblue’s even more space seats on the a321 are gonna have 37-41″ of legroom according to both their website and seatguru. That’s gonna be a 1st for any US airline because no US airline has ever offered 40″ or more in premium coach. Even more space passengers also get priority screening. American now has choice essential and choice plus fares for coach. Both get you a free checked bag and priority boarding but choice plus also gets you a free premium drink and a 50% AAdvantage mile bonus, the same mileage bonus you get in 1st class.

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